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Rebel Man




Love me like you used to do, Rebel Man, Why are people like that?, Thatís All, Just a closer walk with Thee, Dancing with the Father, Looking through different eyes, The Holly & The Ivy, Christmas blues, Moments, Only Believe, Itís You I need

Time Out




Time Out, Help me, Sure do need Him now, Crying in the chapel, Good Friend, Nobody loves me like you, All my trials, Motherless child, When I survey the wondrous Cross, What a friend we have in Jesus, Psalm 40, Walking with the Master

Water From The Rock


WATER FROM THE ROCKó (a complilation of Faith Tracks) Mountain Mover . Egypt . I Can Do All Things . Glory Zone.. All Things Work Together . Slipping & Falling . Waiting. Word Of. Our God .Victory Song . Lord I Love Your Word . Water From The Rock Land Of The Living . When This Passing World Is Done

One Way Ticket








One Way Ticket, Strange Things Happening Every Day, Sunflowers, Letís Go Out Tonight, Hard Times, Nobodyís Fault But Mine, Up On The Downs, Inside Out, God Is My Strength, Trust In Me, Best Worst Thing, Once in Royal Davidís City

Inside Out






Inside Out (a compilation for prisoners)

Inside out, Hard Times, Nobodys Fault, Healing On Me, Wash Me Clean, How Great Thou Art, The Lord Is Good, I Serve A Risen Saviour, What Kind of Love Is This?, Egypt, I Can Do All Things, God Is My Strength, Trust In Me, Up On The Downs, New ID, Best Worst Thing

Keep The Faith








Keep The Faith . Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven . Iím In Love With You . Wash Me Clean . New ID . Psalm 40 . Wings Of The Wind . Satisfied . Salema . Simple Pleasures . One Good Woman

Slide Donít Fret


Slide donít Fret . Cajun Song . Home Sweet Home.

Judgement Blues . Will You Be Ready? Talk To Me

Healing On Me . All Because of You .  Iím Grateful .

All Things Work Together . Time For A Change

Mountain Mover




Mountain Mover . Forever in Love .Reeliní & Rockingí . Slipping & Falling Land Of The Living . Teach Me Your Way. Victory Song .† Making The Most Of What Youíve Got . Saturday Morning . Nature Of Man

Wings Of The Morning


Give Thanks .  Lord I Love Your Word . Were You There?. Let Us Humbly Worship Jesus . Make Us Holy . Awake O Zion . I Found A Love  .We Give Thanks . More Than A Tent . He Is Lord

Strong Wall . What Kind Of Love Is This?

Songs And Hymns


Praise to the Lord . Just As I Am . Jesus The Man .

What A Friend We Have In Jesus . How Great Thou Art .

Praise The Lord .  The Glory Zone . Only Believe .

More Lord. Great Is Your Faithfulness

The Finer Things

(with Kevin Prosch)



I Need To Sing . Blue Jumper . So Much Grace

The Finer Things In Life . I Weep For You Now .

I Heard A Voice . Water From The Rock

Hayleyís Song . When This Passing World Is Done

The Gap


The Gap . Egypt . I Can Do All Things .  New World

Coming . It Could have Been Me . Power Of The Holy Spirit . More Of You . New Jerusalem . No Time . Send Down The Rain

Blue & Gold

Weíre All One . Cover For Me. I Serve A Risen . Saviour Two Worlds .† Give Me Your Heart . Joy, Joy, Joy . Word Of Our God Waiting .† Is This Love? Hurt People . Love, Acceptance & Forgiveness .

Keep The Ball Rolling

Keep The Ball Rolling. First Time. Let Me Love You

Standing On The Rock . City Boy .† Party Girl . Luxury Liner .

Unchained Melody . Unemployment Blues . Working For Love

Bryn Haworth Band Live

Didnít Do Me No Good, Saturday Morning, I Serve A Risen Saviour, Is This Love?, The Lord Is Good, Reeling & Rocking, Good Friend, Word Of Our God/Pass It On, Weíre All One, Unemployment Blues, People Get Ready, Start With Me

More Than A Singer

More Than A Singer . Let The Righteous Sing . La Alleluia .Teach Us To Pray . Be Still My Soul . What Kind Of Love Is This .Psalm 138 .The Lord Is Good . Resurrection & The Life .† In His Eyes .Precious Child† You Did Not Choose Me . Go To All Nations . Out On The Streets

Let The Days Go By


Grappenhall Rag. All I Want . I Wonít Lie, Ee I Love You Lass.

Miss Swiss. LetThe Days Go By.Get Yourself A Man .

Time Has Come . Whims And Ways . All I Need Is A Home††

Anywhere You Want To Be††

Pass It On

Pass It On . Never Give Up On Love.  Come Away    Think For Yourself . Perfect Love . The Cure . Peace & Understanding.

Looking through Different . Eyes . Come Over To My Place . Fear God

†12 Classics




Standing on the Rock, First Time,† Sing to the Lord

Luxury Liner, City Boy,† Weíre All One, Grand Arrival

Unemployment Blues, Let Me Love You

Come See What Love Has Done, Full Day,

Working For Love






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