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“Inside Out”

(Prison compilation— Tracks not on other listed albums:

· How Great Thou Art

· The Lord Is Good

· I Serve a Risen Saviour

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Water From The Rock

Tracks available from iTunes

1. Mountain Mover

2. Egypt

3. I Can Do All Things

4. The Glory Zone

5. All Things Work Together for Good

6. Slipping and Falling

7. Waiting

8. Word of our God

9. Victory Song

10. Lord I Love Your Word

11. Water from the Rock

12. Land of the Living

13. When this Passing World is Done

1. Standing on the Rock

2. First Time

3. Sing to the Lord

4. Luxury Liner

5. City Boy

6. We’re All One

7. Grand Arrival

8. Unemployment Blues

9. Let Me Love You

10. Come See What Love Has Done

11. Full Day

12. Working For Love




12 Classics

MP3 release only 

              TRACK LIST

Rebel Man

Also available on CDBaby

1. Love me like you used to do

2. Rebel Man

3. Why are people like that

4. That’s All

5. Just a closer walk

6. Dancing with the Father

7. Looking through different eyes

8. The Holly & the Ivy

9. Christmas blues

10. Moments

11. Only Believe

12. It’s You I Need

Time Out

Also available on CDBaby

1. Time Out

2. Help Me

3. Sure Do Need Him Now

4. Crying in the chapel

5. Good Friend

6. Nobody loves me like you

7. All my trials

8. Motherless Child

9. When I survey

10. What a friend we have in Jesus

11. Psalm 40

12. Walking with the Master

One Way Ticket

Also available on CDBaby

1. One Way Ticket  

2. Strange Things Happening

3. Sunflowers   

4. Lets Go Out Tonight 

5. Hard Times  

6. Nobody’s Fault  

7. Up On The Downs 

8. Inside Out 

9. God Is My Strength

10. Trust In Me 

11. Best Worst Thing 

12. Once In Royal David’s City  


Keep The Faith  



1. Keep The Faith

2. Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven

3. I’m In Love With You

4. Wash Me Clean

5. Psalm 40

6. Wings Of The Wind

7. Salema

8. Satisfied

9. Simple Pleasures

10. One Good Woman


Pass It On

Also available on iTunes


1. Pass It On

2. Never Give Up On Love

3. Come Away

4. Think For Yourself

5. Perfect Love

6. The Cure

7. Peace & Understanding

8. Looking Through Different Eyes

9. Come Over To My Place

10. Fear God

Mountain Mover

Available on iTunes

1. Mountain Mover

2. Forever in Love

3. Reelin’ & Rockin’

4. Slipping & Falling

5. Land Of The Living

6. Teach Me Your Way

7. Victory Song

8. Making The Most of What You’ve Got

9. Saturday Morning

10. Nature of Man



Wings Of The Morning


1. Give Thanks

2. Lord I Love Your Word

3. Were You There

4. Let Us Humbly Worship Jesus

5. Make Us Holy

6. Awake O Zion

7. I Found A Love

8. We Give Thanks

9. More Than A Tent

10. He Is Lord

11. Strong Wall

12. What Kind Of Love Is This

Slide Don’t Fret


Available on iTunes

1. Slide Don’t Fret

2. Cajun Song

3. Judgement Blues

4. Home Sweet Home

5. I’m Grateful

6. All Because of You

7. Healing on Me

8. All Things Work Together

9. Will You Be Ready

10. Talk To Me

11. Time For A Change

The Gap

Available on iTunes

1. The Gap

2. Egypt

3. I Can Do All Things

4. It Could Have Been Me

5. Power Of The Holy Spirit

6. New World Coming

7. More Of You

8. New Jerusalem

9. No Time

10. Send Down The Rain




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