Since 1990, Bryn Haworth has been working regularly inside prisons in the UK, performing concerts, leading music workshops, and taking part in chapel services, going in by invitation of the Chaplaincy departments of the various prisons. This work has been funded by the Music In Ministry Trust; the Trust has also been able to provide funds to purchase music equipment for prisons and to give CD’s, tapes, Bibles and books to prison inmates, and has also provided the funds to produce a brand new CD of songs specifically for prisoners.

Bryn’s bluesy style of music has a popular appeal to prison inmates who find his more informal approach easy to relate to. Over the years of working in prisons we have seen very many lives turned around as inmates come to know Jesus and find help and strength to lead new and better lives.

 Over the last years Bryn has made regular visits to over 20 prisons around the UK.   The work has also included running music workshops and song writing seminars inside  prisons.  He has also given CD’s to inmates via the chaplaincy departments to help them find Jesus as they listen in their cells,  and experience his transforming power in their lives, as well as donating Songbooks, Bibles and musical instruments for chapel worship.    

In 2010 he recorded 'Inside Out',  a CD for free distribution to prison inmates and has given over 2000 copies for lending out through prison chapel libraries and in 2014  a follow up album for prisoners 'Time Out'.  Both CDs are available for free distribution to prisoners, or for purchase from this site.

Prison chaplains and those working inside prisons can contact us to request free copies of the CDs from:

Music In Ministry Trust, PO Box 264 Epsom, KT18  email Bryn


Inside Out available to buy now:

Time Out is available to buy

£11.50   if you live in Great Britain

£14   if you live in Mainland Europe

£15  if you live in the USA of rest of the world

Including p&p.  

(every donation enables us to buy 2 more to give to inmates)     




Bryn is regularly taking services and doing outreach concerts inside prisons

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If you would like to arrange for Bryn to come and minister at a prison you are involved in, or if you would like Bryn to come and talk to your church group about how to get involved in prison ministry then please contact us


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