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Concert Review
St Johns Church, Woking 

I have been bombarded with incredibly positive responses following your visit to us at St John痴.  Comments like.  WOW, what an evening and when can we have the next one?   What a clear and faithful witness  so real and uncomplicated a testimony  an amazing time and a brilliant event  such an uplifting evening.
I knew you壇 be musically superb but I wasn稚 sure how far you would be prepared to go on the evangelism side.   All I can say is that you were far from disappointing  both to us and to the audience, and many sought me out on Sunday morning to offer their thanks and appreciation for arranging your visit.
You had them and us rocking and rolling in our seats and we were thanking God that 践e loves guitarists as much as organists and that He gives them tremendous gifts for reaching people with the truth through music.
A staggering number were in church that wouldn稚 normally enter the doors . We pray that though your message the Lord will meet their deep need of Him.
With our love and thanks to you..
  St Johns